Our prints and drawings are guaranteed to be original works of art. They are described according to the standards set forth by the international Fine Print Dealers Association, and are matted in 4-ply 100% rag with mulberry paper hinges adnered with wheat starch paste. Height is listed before width. All works are in fine condition unless noted otherwise.

Listings are subject to prior sale.

We will ship our art on approval for 7 days (shipping charges collect) to those clients known to us or those who will provide references.

We accept some works of art on consignment for sale, but 90% of our inventory is gallery owned.

We do not publish prices at this time, because we hope to make our site a gallery without walls, and online pricing, we feel, would detract. However, if you contact us, we'll immediately send the price for each work in which you are interested.

If you are a scholar and have done research on one or more of the works listed, we will be happy to post your entire paper or portions of it in a new section, to be called Scholar's Corner.

In any case, we welcome hearing from you either through e-mail (finartla@aol.com), telephone or fax (310.395.1465).

Please do keep in touch.

Member, Art Dealers Association of California
International Fine Print Dealers Association

509 Avondale Avenue/P.O. Box 491446/Los Angeles, CA 90049/Phone or Fax 310.395.1465